Jumbo Loans

A Jumbo Loan is a loan amount greater than the conforming loan limit for the county that the subject property is located in. Traditionally Jumbo programs are considered more restrictive when it comes to qualifications. The Jumbo program we specialize in has broken that mold by allowing borrowers to qualify for Jumbo loans up to $3,000,000 by providing only the most recent years personal and business tax returns as opposed to most of our competitors who require the most recent 2 years of tax returns. Jumbo loans can be used for primary residences, investment properties and vacation homes. Borrowers can get fixed- or adjustable-rate Jumbo mortgages with various term options. While there were reports of lenders pulling back from Jumbo mortgages early in the pandemic, the market for Jumbo Loans is mostly back to normal and as of January 2022.